Malaysian scientists have discovered on the island of Borneo saltwater crocodile


Wildlife researchers in Malaysia tracked down, finally, the saltwater crocodile by satellite, as reported by them on Wednesday, in response to the invitation of the authorities to find out why nearly 40 people were attacked by animals on the island of Borneo for a desyatiletiya.Diky saltwater crocodile has been caught a little earlier this month in the River Kinabatangan (Kinabatangan) in Sabah (Sabah), and he was wearing something like a collar with a label before it was released to freedom, as the head of the center Dano Dzhirenga Field Benuat Goossens (Benoit Goossens) . This shortcut enables scientists to obtain information on the whereabouts and activities of Hazardous zhivotnyh.Ofitsialnye representatives said that there were only about 38 attacks saltwater crocodiles - the largest reptile in the world - people in states of Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak as the last 10 years, 23 of which were fatal. "Information from the crocodiles, but rather with labels dressed in their neck, will help us to better monitor the movement of male crocodiles" - said Goossens. "We do not claim that this information will help stop crocodile attack. But it will help villagers and plantation workers better understand the behavior of crocodiles and thus avoid any confrontation with dangerous animals." It is believed that the three-year project of the state Department of Wildlife will be the first South-east Asia, the spokesman added tsentra.Ochischenie territories and the establishment of new plantations in the area near the river may be the reason that the sources of food for the crocodiles will decline and will subsequently lead to an increase in attacks by the reptiles, as the head of the number tsentra.Uvelichenie saltwater crocodiles can also be associated with the frequency distribution of cases of attacks. These and various other theories have been tested and reviewed by researchers on the basis of data received from collars krokodilov.V last year, government representatives Wildlife said they recently carried out activities to remove saltwater crocodiles from the list of species under threat of extinction posed by reporting as that the number of reptiles recovered strongly in the last let.Morskie crocodiles, which can grow to seven meters (23 feet), are the most commercially valuable skin of all crocodiles are found in the waters around the area of Sri Lanka to the Caroline Islands in the western Pacific okeana.Original: Physorg Translation: M. Potter

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