The therapeutic properties of dolphins can help people


What other wonders conceals from us Mother Nature? In search of an answer note bottlenose dolphins. That, at least, offers a researcher at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Michael Zasloff (Michael Zasloff) published a letter in the July issue of the journal "Journal of Investigative Dermatology, in which he listed a few confirmed incidents of serious injuries in dolphins, possibly inflicted by sharks. These bites, many of which were more than the size of a basketball, persisted for weeks without leaving any traces on dolphins without causing severe pain, and not giving a visible sign of infestation.

"If I saw such a person, I would not believe it," - said Zasloff. "It would be awe for us. Before us an animal that has evolved in the ocean without hands or legs, which swims faster than can a man has intellect, which can be equated to the social and emotional complexity of man, and his features are very different healing from those that are characteristic of the people. " Researcher Zasloff has always been interested medicinal components that provide self for the animals, which they bestowed generous nature. He discovered the natural antibiotics found in the skin of frogs and a possible cure for cancer in the sea dog.

Wonderful Dolphins

Several remarkable abilities are complex, contributing to the miraculous healing in dolphins. First, even with a large gash on their body, dolphins do not bleed to death. Zasloff said they may use their diving mechanisms that inhibit blood flow is not as important parts of their bodies to cut it in the injury until the blood thickens.

Secondly, during the process of wound healing in dolphins do not show any signs of infection. The researchers found that their skin and blubber contain compounds with antibacterial properties that can prevent the development of infections in an open wound.

Dolphins also do not show the typical reaction to pain during the recovery period. Usually, a deep open wound is to change the behavior of the animal, depriving him of his appetite for a few weeks. But in the course of discussions with people working with dolphins, Zasloff discovered that dolphins eat and behave normally, even when they are seriously injured.

By itself, a healing ability of dolphins is a wonderful phenomenon as Zasloff said. Within a few weeks, the dolphins completely replace missing tissue - even if the wound reaches two footballs - without any trace of changes in their body shape. They may have this regenerative capacity due to special stem cells, like some amphibious animals which recover their limbs.

The potential for the treatment of a person?

Understanding of the regenerative properties of the fat dolphin can be useful to people. Methods which use these oceanic mammals to reconstitute their tissue may be associated with some stem cells or proteins specific type. And their people could very well take over.

"This animal is remarkable extreme structural similarity to man" - said Zasloff. "This could be a source of information, disclosure of some place great mysteries that we as doctors are trying to unravel."

Other proteins that dolphins are known to develop during the healing process similar analgesic and antibacterial compositions could also be beneficially affect humans. Because dolphins create their own analgesic component, there is a chance that it will not cause addiction in humans, which is typical of many of the facilities of the pain on the market today.

Original: LiveScience Translation: M. Potter

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