The luminescent genetically modified dog


Dog named Tegon glows under ultraviolet light, which can help researchers to develop tools to deal with certain types of diseases.

Genetically modified dog attributable to beagle lit bright green under ultraviolet radiation. The article about it was published in the journal Genesis.

This is not the first such glowing animal created by man. Before him were glowing red dog Ruppi and glowing cat Mr. Green, Jens.

Bayong Chan Lee, co-author of the article in Genesis, said: "All of the dog’s body glows. Yellowing of the skin can be seen dogs, but can not be seen without the glow of ultraviolet radiation and glasses.

Lee heads the hospital for animals at Seoul National University in Korea and is a professor of biotechnology and teriogenologii.

This unusual effect was achieved with a process consisting of five steps.

It is no accident for the experiments were chosen dog.

"Dogs are prone to 268 genetic diseases that are similar to human" - said Lee. "In addition, there is a certain psychological and anatomical similarities of dogs with people. For these reasons, they are good models for studying human disease."

According to Li, genes that make a dog light may be replaced with genes fatal diseases. In this case, his team will be able to explore Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others to better understand the nature of their origin and development.

He told me that the dog does not suffer from these studies.

Chemyong Jay Koh, assistant professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Kentucky, said that the dogs "have long been used as the main animals for medical research."

He explained that they are used in testing new drugs for efficacy, toxicity and dosage before drugs become available.

American animal protection organizations oppose the creation of genetically modified dogs, cats and other animals. But it does not stop researchers from around the world to participate in such projects.

By the way, do not be surprised if in the future the shining dogs and cats become popular pets.

As Koh said: "This technology allows you to create unique dogs and cats, but it can turn into a new commercial industry."

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