In the Philippines, after a three-week hunt was caught by a giant crocodile


A giant saltwater crocodile weighing more than a ton has been caught in a remote village in the southern Philippines after a series of attacks on humans and animals, as officials said. The enormous size of the predator 6.4 meters and weighing about 1,075 pounds, is the largest crocodile caught alive in the Philippines in recent years. It may even be the largest species of crocodile ever caught people as noted by the representatives.

Saltwater crocodiles can live for more than 100 years and grow during this time up to 7 meters in length. Josefina de Leon (Josefina de Leon), head of the wildlife environment ministry, said it is likely to be the biggest crocodile ever captured alive people.

For general information, it should be noted that saltwater crocodiles are also known as estuarine crocodiles (estuarine), is the largest sea crocodiles in the world. They are capable of killing any animal or human that is invading their territory. Length animal body normally reaches 4.2-4.8 meters, although registered individuals whose length reaches more than 7 m. The weight of the male is usually ranges from 408 to 520 pounds, but there are cases when the mass exceeds 1,000 kg animal. These carnivorous reptiles are long-lived: they can live for over 100 years.

"According to existing records, the size of the largest crocodile of all that has been caught earlier, was equal to 5.48 meters in length" - said Josefina de Leon news agency AFP. "This is the biggest animal that I’ve seen for 20 years, during all the time of their work in organizing hunting for reptiles."

The hunt for the crocodile in the village Banavan began in mid-August. This event required a dozen local men to successfully catching a crocodile on Saturday. But one of the hunters, Rollie Samiller (Rollie Sumiller), who led the hunt for the crocodile, said this reptile may not be the killer they were looking for, as it was reported only one attack on a person in this field. "We’re not really sure what we conditionality crocodile hunting people as found in the area and other species of crocodiles" - he told the news agency AFP. Caught crocodile will now become the main object of tourist attraction in the park of nature, planned by the authorities in this area.

Original: BBC Translation: M. Potter

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