In Guatemala, was born pig-headed humanoid


On September Guatemalan news channel relayed a message about the mysterious phenomenon that happened in a village in the country - the birth of an ugly pig whose head resembles the head and face of a man than a pig’s head. The villagers say that the night before the birth of the animal they have seen the bright lights inexplicably, fluttering in the sky. Thus, they carried a bizarre appearance to a pig dirty game of alien residents.

Local representatives of the media have tried to understand the theory about UFOs and find out: whether the event is due to the intervention of aliens or is it some side effect of radiation from the spacecraft?

"The whole idea that it could be a result of the actions of aliens, or interbreeding, it sounds ridiculous," - said Max Rothschild (Max Rothschild), director of the Center for Integrated Animal Genomics at Iowa State University and coordinator of the Project USDA National Pig Genome, in its communication agency Life’s Little Mysteries. Instead, there is quite a common explanation for the appearance of an animal with the outward signs of a humanoid.

Typically, one or two percent of pigs are born with defects, according to Rothschild. They are not mutants, it is known that there are no signs of a genetic mutation, it’s more like a mechanical error that occurs in the womb, during the period of embryonic development. The same thing could happen due to improper diet or simply the failure of the development process (abnormal cell division). There replicative (binding) mechanism, which is sometimes just not right is triggered. "

Rothschild, who has long been engaged in the advanced study of birth defects in pigs, watching video with a pig, concluded that the most likely is a distinct case of hydrocephalus, or water on the brain - the accumulation of large amounts of fluid in the skull, which causes its swelling. He was not scared of the deformed head of a pig and said quietly: "Problems in the formation of the snout pigs are fairly common. At my office at the bank have a sample two-headed pig. And there does not have any genetic basis - it just happens in the course of development "- he said.

He also noted that the offspring of all mammals, including humans, may be subject to developmental defects during gestation. This can sometimes lead to silent miscarriage in early pregnancy. "In the case of pigs, when it comes to the birth of numerous progeny, the cause of defects in the fetus may be cramped or anything else."

Original: LiveScience Translation: M. Potter

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