Orangutan Shirley from Malaysia "quit smoking"


Female orangutan from Malaysia named Shirley, who became famous in the whole world that smoking cigarettes thrown into her cage by zoo decided to help quit smoking. Representatives of Wildlife say that after the animal has been moved from its zoo located in the southern state of Johor Zoo in Malacca last week, it was the experience after the break-up of withdrawal from nicotine.

Shirley, who is expected to be sent to a wildlife conservation center on the island of Borneo, as soon as her rehabilitation is complete. Orangutan withdrawal symptoms are not too severe, as noted by the representatives. Head of Malacca Zoo Ahmad Azhar Mohammed (Ahmad Azhar Mohammed) said that so far it has been a good appetite for food, and showed no obvious signs of depression and illness.

"It should be noted that Shirley had not yet become addicted ... but she might form the habit of imitating people who were smoking around her," - he told the Associated Press. "Smoke for orangutans as opposed to people is not normal behavior" - as he said. The results of blood tests and other tests are not yet ready.

About addiction Shirley became known through the local paper which investigated the poor conditions of zoos across the country, as reported by the agent BBC, Jennifer Peck (Jennifer Pak) in Kaula Lumpur. Orangutan, which presumably about 20 years, and four other animals have been rescued from the zoo last week, where they were, according to the authorities, in miserable conditions, as she added.

A group of British activists expressed their outrage to the authorities of Malaysia more than a year ago, after supporters of the environment in all the media reported that the orangutan Shirley taught to smoke. On his website, the activists being harassed, posted information on how the animal looks bad, there are mood swings, drowsiness, alarmed. accompanied by withdrawal symptoms after various means of abuse.

Deputy Director General of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in Malaysia, the WABA Zainol Abidin (Zaaba Zainol Abidin) reported that Shirley is gradually getting rid of the evil habits due to the fact that visitors to the zoo was strictly forbidden to throw her cigarette into the cell.

It should be noted that the orangutans are the only original inhabitants of some areas of Indonesia and Malaysia and are under threat of extinction due to deforestation and poaching.

Original: BBC Translation: M. Potter

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