Plants bloom the second time this year


UK plants began to bloom a second time this year due to not warm weather season irrelevant. The high temperatures that do not correspond to the time of year, contributed to the fact that such plants such as foxglove and primrose or cowslip, which usually bloom in the spring, began to bloom for six to eight months before.

Cold nights, which were reported in the UK in August this year, were presumably the reason that in nature there before flowers unique to the autumn season: chrysanthemum different kinds, crocuses, hyacinths, asters and others.

This wonderfully warm period led to some anomalies in nature - plants began to bloom in full force, as it does with them is usually in the spring. Employees of the National Endowment Garden Wakehurst Pleysa (National Trust Wakehurst Place), which are located in West Sussex in southern England, said that, given such an anomalous phenomena they have to work on a "new rule book" to support plant life that flourished at the wrong time.

This garden, which is under protection of the state, contains an uncountable number of rare and valuable species of medicinal plants from which the mainly essential oils. Different types of lavender, hyssop, clary coexist there with oregano thyme, as well as many other types of rosemary.

"This is a very unusual year ... I work in the field of horticulture for the past 30 years and have never seen anything like it," - said the head of Wakehurst Place Garden, Andy Jackson (Andy Jackson). "According to our observations, it is clear that the development of the plant does not match the season, the weather, which was established at the present time" - he added.

During the past year, in the UK was awarded an incredibly warm winter, followed by a severe drought, and then there was too abundant precipitation and a cold snap in the summer, and now this inexplicably warm weather in the fall, according to Jackson.

Already in mid-August, growers began to notice that the leaves on the trees turned yellow and orange, but now the unseasonably high temperatures, reaching thirty degrees in the southern and eastern areas, just puzzling experts.

Meteorologist Bi-Bi-Si Liam Dutton (Liam Dutton) explained that the position of the jet stream to the north of the UK allowed to form a high pressure, bringing very warm air from Western Europe.

Original: BBC Translation: M. Potter

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