In Mexico, discovered the marine Cyclops


In a world of infinite possibilities Photoshop and online scams naturally relates with some skepticism to the news of the discovery of something incredible, including to albino shark fetus with one large eye, located in the middle of the nose, like the mythical hero of the Cyclops .

But the Cyclops shark fetus cut from the abdomen of pregnant Dark Shark that was caught by a fisherman in the Gulf of California earlier this summer, is a real fact. Specialists involved in studying sharks, surviving being studied and found that its single eye is formed of functional optical tissue, reporting about it last week. Most likely, that ugly creation could not survive outside the womb.

"It’s extremely rare," - said Philip Galvan Magana (Felipe Galvan Magana), an expert on sharks from the center of Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias del Mar. "As far as I know, less than 50 examples of anomalies such as this have been recorded."

The company engaged in recreational fishing, Pisces Fleet did cyclops shark Internet sensation this summer, putting the network images of the amazing creatures. But this is not the first time that reports of a mythical creature looks blown network: just last week, the official representatives of Russia said that it is "confirmed" the existence of Bigfoot Yeti, and paleontologists have theorized about the existence of an ancient squid-like monster Kraken. However, only some information about the mythical beasts are backed by evidence.

Cyclops shark is an exception. "Cyclopia" - a rare, but the actual type of abnormal development, in which only one eye develops. Human embryos are sometimes too prone to the development of this disturbance, as in 1982, Israel has been registered an incredible case, described later, in 1985 in the journal "British Journal of Ophthalmology". The occasion was marked by the fact that the girl was born seven weeks early with no nose and only one eye in the center of the face. The infant, who lived only 30 minutes after birth, also had severe developmental disorders of the brain.

In 2006, a kitten born with one eye and no nose (a rare disorder called holoprosencephaly), shook his appearance network, and journalists with bloggers have long tried to determine if the bizarre photos of the animal present. The vet confirmed the diagnosis of a kitten, and the "C" as nicknamed the animal lived only one day. The remains of the animal were sold to the museum creative Lost World Museum.

The fisherman who discovered the Cyclops shark, against to preserve the remains of the fetus, as reported in the news. But scientists have recently had to examine the fish and make the necessary x-rays, confirming the findings of fact. According to information from the Romance Seth (Seth Romans), the representative of Pisces Fleet, Galvan Magana and his colleagues will publish a research paper in the next few weeks. Romance also told the agency LiveScience, the fisherman who caught the strange shark, "flabbergasted" by the attention his find.

This is not the first strange shark fetus discovered Galvanom Magana and he and his colleagues have found a two-headed shark embryos in two different females of blue sharks. It is possible that one embryo started to split into twins, but complete separation prevented the cramped conditions in the womb, as noted by the researchers in the journal "Marine Biodiversity Records", in January 2011.

Original: LiveScience Translation: M. Potter

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