Scientists have found out when the dogs become more aggressive


New research has shown that dogs are man walks in four times more likely to fight and bite other dogs. As scientists discovered from University. Mendel in the Czech Republic, if the dog is kept on a leash, it further increases its aggressiveness. The researchers found age, gender and size, as well as the owner of the floor and use a leash reflected in the behavior of the dog during day trips. They observed more than 2,000 cases of dog encounters that took place both in the morning and in the afternoon, in various parts of the city of Brno.

To everyone’s surprise, they found that the greatest influence on the probability of an attack and bite other dogs assisted floor owner. "We assume that the skirmishes between dogs while walking correlated with aggressive tendencies and / or impulsivity their owners," - said Professor Peter Cutter. "Dogs are able to perceive even a hint of a threat from the other dogs. Also, dogs are unusually successful in reading the social and communicative behavior."

They found that the most common behavior when meeting dogs - sniffing. Not surprisingly, males sniff females more often, and individuals of the opposite sex tend to play with each other.

But if the leash prevents them play, it upsets them. Dogs off leash often sniff, and half as likely to threaten each other. "Apparently, this is caused by irritation of the dog’s leash, which prevents them to make their usual greeting rituals," - said Inga Fricke, who heads the Humane Society of the United States. She told that this phenomenon is known as the "irritation of the leash" or "leash aggression."

Lisa Peterson, representing the American Kennel Club, told that dogs do not like to interfere with them to run and play. "They can not move freely while on a leash and it can cause a feeling of threat," - she said. "They also protect their resources, with the host acting as a resource. They seem to be saying, ’This is my master and I do not want you to get it, because he is feeding and taking care of me.’ The fact that the dogs who walk their men often behave aggressively, can be explained by the fact that the dog reflects the behavior and emotions of the owner. If he behaves aggressively or positively, the dog can catch it and start to copy this behavior. "

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