Botanists have discovered an unusual night blooming orchid


A new kind of night blooming orchid was first discovered and described a group of botanists from the Netherlands. Experts said that the "remarkable" species is the only orchid that blooms only at night, but why the plant is characterized by such conduct, is still a mystery to scientists.

The mysterious plant was discovered by Dutch researcher during an expedition to New Britain, an island located near Papua New Guinea. The information will be detailed in the journal Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society.

"It was a big surprise to us, as there are so many species of orchids, but neither one of them is not peculiar pollination exclusively at night," said Andre Sheyteman (Andre Schuiteman), principal investigator and an expert in growing orchids from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew .

A sample of the new species was discovered by Dutch scientist Ed de Vogel (Ed de Vogel) during the scientific trip to the rain forest area in the south-east Asian island. Unique behavior during flowering was found after the sample was brought to the Netherlands. Dr de Vogel took the plant home to find out why the buds begin to wilt, reaching the size necessary for the appearance of the flower. To his surprise, he noticed that the flowers open after dusk and stay open only a few hours after sunrise.

Thus, a finding identified as a plant belonging to the family Bulbophyllum nocturnum - the only kind of orchid that blooms at night. There are many other plants that are ready to be pollinated only in the dark, but among the 25,000 known species of orchids all night, biologists have discovered for the first time. "This finding indicates that the world is still full of wonderful and mysterious things. But our work is rapid race against time. Wilderness pristine rain forests are becoming increasingly rare on our planet. Very important to find the means to carry out new missions and making new discoveries, "said Andre Sheyteman.

Trying to figure out the cause of night-flowering plants, the researchers speculated that perhaps orchid flowers are pollinated by small flies that take them for fungus. The fact that the appendages flower resemble fruit bodies of some fungi species, which are usually fed flies.

Mystery night orchid likely to have a certain smell which is not captured people but attracts insects away. When the flies are close to the plant, there is a role played by flower shape, as explained Andre Sheyteman.

Answer all the questions concerning the mysterious nature of the orchid species Bulbophyllum nocturnum, will help scientists only new studies done on the spot. Unfortunately, as noted by the authors of the work area, where it was found an unusual orchid, designed for logging and production logging in the future, so rare species threatened with imminent harmful human intervention.

Original: BBC

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