Biologists have been found poisonous spider web that deter ants


Scientists in Australia and Singapore explored web spiders - Web Spiders gold - and found that they cover their networks substance that acts as a repellent for ants. Therefore, arthropods, most of all, protect from insects and their prey themselves.

Hero of the study are the spiders Nephila antipodiana, which live in Central Asia and the weave is very large networks, which have quite an unusual golden color. It appears now that some Orb weaving a web not only "stained", but it also covers 2-pyrrolidinone.

This alkaloid is well known, but never considered for an effective insect repellent. "He is not very volatile. Uchuyut If his victims, then, most likely, it will be too late," - says Mark Elgar (Mark Elgar), one of the authors of this work from the University of Melbourne.

Scientists conducted an experiment: three kinds of ants, they were asked to choose between the bridges of spider silk, which is wetted in this matter, and threads that are purified from all the "impurities". Revealed that the insects prefer to move through a simple web.

Probably ants pyrrolidinone feel his mustache. The substance repels them, because like pheromone used by the ants, like an alarm describes Wired. Insects, as a result, the territory of the spiders do not go and tell the loot they did not steal, adds to the whole Science. "This study shows that spiders use chemical protection against various predators. The mechanism of this protection came at the rather large spider on whose relatively thick web of ants can move the invaders" - says Elgar.

In an article that appeared in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, biologists noted that "The Little Ones" (young and small spiders) such protection is not necessary. Their delicate web of invasion of ants will not stand.

Researchers have discovered a natural insect repellent, it is believed that this is not an exceptional case in nature. Most likely, the protection of networks was invented not only the Web Spider - there are other examples later. In addition, the researchers add that pyrrolidinone can be used for the protection of human dwellings, products, and things of the ants.

Note that the spiders do not sneak away too ants lint. In 2009, biologists found that the species of spiders, horses that live in Africa, brazenly steal from the best ant corpses of mosquitoes.

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