In China, found the oldest fossilized embryos


Scientists in China have discovered the fossilized embryos, which are over 570 million years. Fossils very similar to modern balls and can lay claim to being the oldest animals or embryos known to modern science.

Scientists have discovered a unique discovery in South China in the town of Doushantuo. The shape of the embryos resembled more microscopic soccer balls and baseball. The first assumption of scientists was that strange discovery is nothing short of a unique giant bacteria. This hypothesis was supported by an American scholar Jack Belay from the University of Minnesota, who, however, later became the author of the article, where fossils have been found already ranked among the embryos of ancient animals. Revise the initial hypothesis of scientists made a detailed structure of the found objects that scientists have studied later.

The internal structure of the fossil sites studied by the most powerful and modern equipment. In addition to traditional electron microscopes, scientists have used the Swiss particle accelerator. Thanks to the latter, the scientists were able to see the internal structure of the embryo with a spatial resolution of a quarter micron. The analysis found that the findings do not like no one of the currently known bacteria. Then the scientists put forward another two most probable hypothesis. Findings may belong to a class of protists, ie single-celled organisms, so-called single-celled eukaryotes, or fossils are embryos, almost the oldest, and perhaps even the first multicellular organisms. A detailed study of the fossil finds still does not allow us to make them a "final judgment", so research will continue.

Competitors for the title of the most ancient fossils of multicellular organisms discovered not long ago in Australia. It is believed that at a time when the world still existed supercontinent Gondwana, southern China and southern Australia were located very close. Therefore, scientists have concluded that life began to emerge in this part of the planet, where they formed the most favorable for the development of living organisms conditions. However unravel this important question of the evolution of life on the globe is still in the course of many scientific studies.

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