More than 100 beluga whales tie icy fetters of Chukotka


A large flock of white whales, numbering more than 100 individuals captivated the ice Chukotka. Animals stuck in Sinyavinskaya Strait Bering Sea, 15 kilometers south of the village Yanrakynnot. According to the First Deputy of the Department of Industrial Policy, Construction and Housing Chukotka Valery Vasiliev, the ice could face imprisonment of marine mammal deaths.

About captive belugas first reported marine hunters neighborly village community Yanrakynnot on Tuesday. Hunters are told that the animals were grouped into two not very large polynya, where they can still breathe, but in pure water beluga can not, as the ice covered almost the entire Sinyavskii Strait.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that for beluga whales in this area is very little food, and ice is formed very quickly. By the death of the animals can lead elementary and exhaustion.

Vasilyev said that it was decided to ask for help in saving pack of beluga whales from the federal government. Relevant letters sent to Igor Levitin, Minister of Transport, and Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Emergency Situations, requested an ice-breaker to save the trapped animals. The authorities of Chukotka suggest that such a rescue vessel was the tugboat "Ruby", who has just finished another rescue mission and is currently in the night or two from the place of confinement of animals.

In addition to referring to the federal government, the government of the Chukotka Autonomous District has taken additional measures to rescue marine mammals. To determine the exact distance to the free water will be tested ice fields Siniavskii Strait. While it can not be done because of poor visibility in the area.

Arctic waters are not rare here thus stifle the flocks of white whales, and very rarely do people manage to avoid during the death of the animals. Last successfully carry out such a rescue operation succeeded in 1986. But then with the help of an icebreaker to clean water brought only part of the beluga whales that have managed to survive in prison, waiting for help from the outside.

Beluga whale belongs to the family of marine mammals narvalovyh. Length of an adult can reach 6 feet and weighs two tons. Beluga whale dolphin named wingless, so her back is not the traditional dolphin fin. The habitat of beluga whales is mostly water area of the Arctic zone, Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea.

The news produced Oksana Skripko

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