In South Korea, have developed mass production of clones


Korean Dr. Hwang Woo Juice, known for his scandals with cloning, established in the laboratory-scale cloning dogs. The main purpose of the doctor is the cloning of an ancient mammoth.

As a result of cloning has already seen the light of different breeds of puppies, from Beagle to Labrador. Cloning of animals in laboratory Korean supplied on a commercial basis.

Clients at the scandalous geneticists are not enough. The owners are willing to pay any money to "revive" a tragically lost pet. Puppies are born replica of their DNA donors.

While cloning a living being is only possible in the only company in the world, "Sooam", the office of which is located near Seoul. Even in the beginning of the court heard a dog barking and yelping, hinting where to hit visitors. Now living in a kennel six beagles and two dogs Korean breed. This cloned animals, a set of genes and the appearance of which are identical to their originals.

During several years in the laboratory over a hundred cloned dogs. The most famous animals client of the laboratory was a rescue Shepherd Trakar, which in ruins after the September 11 disaster in New York has found the last surviving person.

The average cost of cloning a beloved pet owners today costs about 100,000 dollars for the dog.

The donor can be a healthy dog of any breed that first prooperiruet Dr. Hwang Woo Sok. Customers clinic has repeatedly tested the scandalous activities of doctors, figuring out whether he deceives them, but every time I made sure that the clones are real.

Dr. Hwang Woo Juice has 2000 first cloned dog. He also published a scientific paper that supposedly successfully cloned human cells. It soon became clear that the work was a forgery, and as a result of genetics was arrested. Doctors immediately fired, but he is now trying to prove his innocence in court, earning the cloning of dogs primarily for customers of retirement age from the United States.

Doctor shows the cloning process, even in front of television cameras. Using a special pipette and microneedles egg is removed from its core, and in its place is inserted into the nucleus of animal cells, which are going to clone. This egg podsazhivayut surrogate mother, the bearing of cloned embryos.

In the Korean laboratory also cloned dogs special laboratory for experiments in American universities. So, in beagle dogs laid gene of Alzheimer’s disease, and they will actually experience a cure for this disease. In this laboratory also cloned endangered animals. As surrogate mothers in all cases appear until the dog.

Aimed Dr. Hwang Woo Sok believes cloning of ancient mammoth. The doctor also hopes to find a cure for incurable diseases that will be based just on the cloning of human embryonic cells.

The news produced Oksana Skripko

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