The causes of suicide whales


On the causes of the mass suicide of the largest mammals of the planet, scientists argue for many years. Suggests that the beaching of whales make pollution of their habitats, some mysterious disease, echolocation failure or even depression. Accurately be called the cause of suicidal animal science is not yet in force, even from the point of view of the theory of natural selection.

Cases of unexplained mass suicides occur not only among the whales. Thus, small rodents lemmings, which in principle do not live in packs, once every few years are beginning to stray into groups and, following the outlined one conductor is discharged into the abyss or water.

In July 2005, the press discussed the sensational suicide of a sheep, which gathered nearly fifteen hundred herd, suddenly rushed into the abyss. The shepherds told later that the herd rushed down after the one sheep, which first sprang suddenly into the abyss. In 1982, on the west coast of the U.S. jumped more than a hundred sharks, and in 2000 on the coast of the Caspian Sea have decided to commit suicide 10,000 sea lions. However, most often to such a method to cease to exist yet resorted whales. Almost every year they are thrown on shore, where most of them die from the scorching sun or the pressure of his own body. Those individuals who are able to save people with admirable tenacity repeated suicide attempts.

The most recent version, which explains the mysterious behavior of the whales was speculation about the sound of ocean pollution. Of course it was the result of technical progress, when the natural ocean noise added rumble motors submarines, fishing boats, underwater noise as a result of military testing or underwater mining, and the greatest harm comes from military sonar.

Experiments have shown that some of the sonar Dolphins lost hearing in 40 minutes. It is therefore quite possible that the animals in the ocean, facing the radar, can get into the real "sound underwater trap." This noise can be amplified many times, bouncing off the hot and cold water flows directly into the animals. As a result, they just lose their orientation and swim in shallow water, and where they washed ashore.

Another version says suicide marine animals decompression sickness, which often suffer from decompression divers. Swim out quickly to the surface, accumulates in the blood of animals nitrogen bubbles which break blood vessels. If blood begins to boil. Criteria for decompression sickness and said the autopsy results of some animals that washed ashore.

Increase the amount of nitrogen bubbles in the blood of animals can and do sound engines submarines or explosions. As a result, traumatized by the nervous system of animals and followed the same disorientation.

However, the suicides of whales have been known for a long time, they were even when half the contemporary art does not cross the ocean. In this case, turns out to be the most plausible version of Margaret Klinovsky. She claims that all whale migration occurs along the paths, depending on the magnetic field of the earth. Magnetic fields for marine mammals are a kind of reference points, but as a result of strong solar flares signals fields weaken and lose their orientation whales, swim in the shallow water.

Quite plausible versions of mass suicide animals nominated every year more and more, but reliably prove as at least one while modern scientists can not.

The news produced Oksana Skripko

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