Found a vertebrate with a unique structure of the eye


Depths of the sea are full of surprises. And one of those surprises was the discovery of biologists - deep-sea fish species Dolichopteryx longipes, which uses mirrors to focus the natural view. A unique instance was caught in the waters between the islands of Samoa and New Zealand.

The results of the work of scientists published in the journal Current Biology.

Scientists have studied in detail the caught fish and, using computer modeling, concluded that natural mirror in the eyes of the fish can get a very clear image of the objects around it. According to biologists, like the structure of the eye of vertebrates is unique.

Many species of deep-sea fish have developed a special structure of the organs of sight, which is significantly different from those of terrestrial species. This is the result of adapting to the almost total absence of light at depths of over 1000 meters. The shape of their eyes resemble tubes, covered on top of the lenses. Something like a telescope, the lens up to the surface of the sea.

This structure of the organs of the fish helps to not only capture the rare particles of light filtering through the water column at great depth, but also to distinguish between floats above them deep water animals, as the most important source of light at such a depth - the other being, of which 80% have bioluminescence. This fish can hardly visible in the horizontal plane around itself.

Previously, scientists have found on the walls of the tiny tubes reflecting plate - mirrors, the main purpose of which - to redirect light on the retina. However, it was believed that the resulting image is very clear. Visit the news portal, argue, argue, prove.

Original: Newscientist

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