In Hong Kong, began shooting chickens due to an outbreak of avian influenza


In Hong Kong, was shot off about 17,000 chickens after confirmed information about the three birds affected deadly H5N1 virus last week. The government banned the import and selling of live chickens for three weeks after the infected chicken carcass was found on one of the wholesale markets on Tuesday.

These data raised the level of influenza situation in the city to the level of "serious." As it became known later, two wild birds that were found dead, also victims of the deadly virus.

The government reported that the source of infection has not been discovered, and now it turns out, where did the chicken carcass in the market: whether the chicken is delivered with a local farm or was imported from another country.

"I understand that it will cause inconvenience the public, and will significantly reduce the trade, causing significant losses to producers and suppliers of birds" - said the head of the Department of Health of Hong Kong York Chow (York Chow). "However, to protect the health of citizens, we need to adopt decisive and effective measures providing for efficient prevention of the spread of the virus."

On Tuesday, the analysis for the presence of the H5N1 virus in Eastern dead magpie that was found in the yard of the school, gave a positive result. Another secondary school was closed last Friday for disinfection after the school yard was found dead black-headed gull infected with a virus.

Hong Kong authorities, according to experts, now must quickly take action to combat infectious disease, so as not to repeat the events of 2003, when an explosion of deadly respiratory disease nature of SARS, has killed 300 people in Hong Kong and 500 people from all over the world. In 2009, 300 people were under quarantine in a hotel in Hong Kong, after the arrival of the guest infected with swine flu. H5N1 is a dangerous strain of bird flu, which is transmitted to humans from birds. In 2003, the most in the world of it killed about 330 people.

Original: BBC

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