Genetics "taught" transgenic silk worms to produce heavy-duty


American biologists cross spider with silkworms, brought transgenic silkworm cocoon worms. Due to the DNA of spiders new silkworm cocoon worms can produce a very durable silk.

Scientists said that the ultimate goal of these experiments was to achieve a heavy-duty issued by silkworms silk thread should be as strong as spider web thread produced by spiders.

Now, if we take the ratio by weight, spider silk is superior in strength even steel.

Today produce strong spider silk is not cost-effective due to the low productivity of these insects. In addition, the propensity to samopoedaniyu can significantly reduce the colony of spiders in the organized manufacturing. Worms to breed silkworms are much easier, but they produce the thread is not very strong.

Biologists have long attempted to cross the two silkworm cocoon insect species, but all received before transgenic version proved not entirely successful. ’Results’ previous crossings are generally produced little web.

Biologists from the University of Wyoming, led by Professor John Jarvis brought genetically modified worms silkworms, which not only made the silk in large quantities, but the material has been issued by them is comparable in strength to the silkworm cocoon filament spiders.

This step has already been evaluated by other scientists as a major step in the development of commercial production of ultra-hard silk fiber.

In their work, scientists demonstrated that the transgenic worms recovered complex fibers, which include the genetic material and spiders in general and improve the mechanical properties of the filament.

New finding increasingly become useful in the field of medicine where natural silk thread used for surgical operations and even prostheses. From natural silk fibers also produce durable plastics for industrial production are now extremely spent a lot of energy.

In the scientific world view began to appear about a possible environmental threat posed by transgenic worms. Insects, for example, can be a threat to native species of their relatives. However, biologists inventors hastened to assure that their genetically modified worms, spiders possessing genes silkworms, however have not received any evolutionary advantages, and therefore disrupt the biological balance can not.

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