Snake bite can cause premature aging


Very toxic Russell’s viper venom kills thousands of people every year, but sometimes the bite of a venomous snake can cause premature aging effects of the human body. The analysis, published in the medical journal The Lancet, showed that 29 percent of people who survive the bite of Russell’s viper (Vipera russellii), later began to suffer from hypopituitarism (decreased activity of the pituitary gland), the main feature of which is the reduction of potency and libido in both men and disruption of the menstrual cycle or a complete cessation in women.

The disease is also characterized by loss of hair in the armpits and pubic area, pale, waxy skin color. Often there is a low body temperature (below 36.0 degrees), lowering blood pressure. Anxiety gives drowsiness, fatigue, complete loss of interest in his surroundings and themselves. Impaired mental abilities have also been noted in medical snake bite victims.

Russell’s viper or snake chain-famous for the fact that at the time of the bite injects huge doses of poison that acts instantaneously, causing severe pain and blisters on the affected spot. Unbearable pain experienced by the victim is usually accompanied by a drop in blood pressure, reduced heart rate, nausea and swelling of the face.

The poison can also cause failure of renal function and widespread bleeding in the brain, often affects the pituitary gland. This endocrine gland, no larger than a pea, but serves great purposes - it produces hormones that help control the growth of the person and his sexual function Organon.

Occurring throughout Southeast Asia, the Russell’s viper, is usually quite docile and peace-loving animal, but in an emergency can become very aggressive. When her life is threatened, it becomes S-shaped and emits a whistle, which is said to be the loudest whistle of all snakes. Worried snake attack so violently that attacks the victim over the length of the body, even having to take the tail off the ground. It seldom happens that it falls into a stupor and does not bite.

Russell’s viper prefers to live in open areas in the grass and on the plantations, so they often come into contact with people on arable land. Rodents, mice, squirrels and lizards - the main food viper snake.

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