In the jungles of Suriname found 46 new species of animals


The expedition, which lasted about three weeks in the wild jungle of a small Latin American country of Suriname, was completed for biologists incredible discovery: they found 46 brand new species. Absolutely - because scientists are still sorting out their records, do not find evidence of similar findings.

Organized Charitable Foundation Conservation International, expedition consisted of a few scientists, students, and local Aborigines who were conductors. Participants hike followed a route along local rivers such as Coutard and Sipaliwini - an area where there are no roads for hundreds of miles around. The biological diversity of these impassable places that have rarely seen in the world, just amazed scientists. They found a five-centimeter "bullet ants", found in North America for a few months before the expedition found not been previously described cowboy frog with white lines on their hind legs in the form of "Stripes" and with spurs on his heels, unseen never before dragonflies, spiders, grasshoppers and beetles have a series of bizarre appearance.

Jewel of the collection of new types of researchers has become "armored" catfish, an unusual form of which they had noticed by chance when a local resident, one of the conductors, was about to take a bite of it. Externally it looks like a small catfish, completely covered with bony plates with spikes. This armor helps fish to survive in the river, protecting it from the huge living there piranhas.

Mottled Grasshopper Krayola, outdoor explorers time travel, too, represents a new species. Its body contains a poison - it is the only one of grasshoppers, which has a "chemical protection" of birds and various small animals. Apparently, the bright colors of its color serve as a warning to everyone to eat them.

In March, a team of scientists is planning to go back to the jungles of Suriname to continue their search for new species.

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