Scorpios see body


U.S. scientists have recently found out that scorpions can see not only the eyes but also your whole body. By a similar conclusion reached by researchers at the University of Oklahoma. A series of experiments with animals showed incredible properties scorpion shell with cells "see" in the ultraviolet range.

During the tests, the scientists at the time were deprived of arthropods ability to see the world, closing their eyes to the special glasses. In such circumstances, scorpions remained motionless, preferring not to move. But when the test animals in normal light and UV-lit yet, they are perfectly adapted and focused on the ground, as if it could see again.

Experts believe that such an all-seeing ability of the body emerged among scorpions in the course of evolution. This is due to the fact that these arthropods are more active at night in the moonlight, which contains a considerable amount of ultraviolet radiation, as reported by Euronews.

The amazing properties of organisms animals never cease to amaze researchers Recently, it became known that an international team of scientists unravel the mystery of zebra stripes on the body. This information was published by scientists in the "Journal of Experimental Biology." Black-and-white color, as explained by experts, the least attracted the attention of horse flies that pester the animals. This is the conclusion of scientists led experiments using a dummy animals of different color.

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