Robotic fish shoal of fish taken as a leader


Having set himself for the most part still unexplored question about the criteria on which the selection of a leader is a school of fish, the researchers discovered that mimicking the movement of the fish robot may become the leader of their living relatives.

A series of experiments, which had researchers from the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, was aimed at deepening the understanding of the collective behavior of animals. One day, it could lead to the development of robots that will divert fish from the epicenter of the environmental disaster. Engineers are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration, and this time, the scientists were surprised. We find that the robot fish is not only successfully infiltrated into the thick of the fish, but also took the lead.

Forward movement of the robot occurs by movement of the tail, similar to these fish. Researchers tested the different frequencies and speeds of movement of the tail. In nature, the fish that is ahead of the jamb, moves its tail with greater frequency, creating a passing stream, followed by a rush to others. Following behind, driven tail with a significantly lower frequency, which means that they get a hydrodynamic advantage from the efforts of the leader.

At first, the scientists put the robot in a hydrodynamic tube with gold Shiner jamb. As long as the robot is not moving, he attracted little attention. But as soon as stalking fish tail began to imitate the movement leaders, members of the shoal recognized leader in it slowed the movement of the tail and began to move after the robot.

"These experiments can show us new ways to interact with the animals, because at the moment, this area remains largely unexplored," - said Prof. Maurizio Pofriri. "By creating a device that mimic nature, we will be able to program them to reproduce the natural behavior of the animals, which will influence the collective behavior of the animals, in order to preserve nature in the event of a natural disaster."

Scientists argue that such robots leaders will be able to take away fish and other animals that are favored or groups, including birds from toxic emissions, including emissions from oil or chemical or man-made hazards such as dams.

Original: Sciencedaily

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