A resident of France has taught her dogs to play the piano


In the new video, which appeared recently in YouTube, dog breed golden retriever sitting next to each other in front of a huge keyboard, press the right keys correctly in response to musical notes, strumming their owner with a brass musical instrument called the ocarina (clay svistkovaya flute).

Slowly but surely, and most importantly great trio plays a small and rather scanty piece for piano known as the "Dog Waltz" or "Flea Waltz". This looks like a very effective trick. But what is really going on, tried to explain to experts.

Charles Snowdon (Charles Snowdon), psychologist and zoologist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, who has been researching the responses of animals to the music, said: "The dogs are likely to respond to certain signals given to them by their owner, which is very different from memorizing. Rather all, they were taught to recognize the relationship between the notes, strumming their hostess and keys to be pressed on, that is, hearing a melody consisting of certain notes, the animals had to press the corresponding key. "

Thus, the dog is likely to exactly reproduce the melody because there really is not understood in the notes, as well as the perceived tone sounds. The main purpose of training was to teach the dog to respond to certain sounds ocarinas and press the corresponding key piano. Or there may have been applied to any other signs or signals are not visible to us in the video. But whichever method was not used in any case it was a wonderful room.

Result of the actions of animals sounds very melodious to people, but dogs themselves, it seems, do not understand. "It is not clear whether they hear it as music," - said Snowdon.

On the other hand, it is quite possible. Snowdon is a pioneer in the study of the reactions of animals to "specific kinds of music." Most animals have a voice range and the rate of the heartbeat, which are very different from men, so they just do not neurologically arranged to enjoy the music created for the hearing people. He has collaborated with composers to create music using a certain height, the tone and tempo, which may be perceived by some animals. For example, they have composed music, designed to Tamarin monkeys with vocalization for three octaves higher than ours, and with a faster heartbeat. The Sound of Music came out sharp and unpleasant to the human ear, but the melodic to the ear tamarin.

What about the dogs? According to Snowdon, large breed dogs such as these golden retrievers have the vocal range, which is similar to the vocal range of adult men. "So it is possible that animals are able to respond to music in our frequency range. I guess hearing dogs large breeds more susceptible to human music than hearing these dogs small size, such as Chi-hua-hua" - he said.

However, more research is required to determine whether dogs are able to assess the human music or dogs playing a musical instrument is just a funny trick.

Original: LiveScience

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