Missing 62 years ago kind of frogs was again found


Zoologists of the California Academy of Sciences and the University of Texas was lucky to find a frog in Burundi dlinnopaltsevuyu Cardioglossa cyaneospila. The last specimen of this species was found here in 1949. Details of the discovery were published on the official website of the California Academy of Sciences.

Experts in the field of herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians of different species), David Blackburn and Eli Greenbaum made an expedition to Burindi in 2011 in order to update their knowledge of the local fauna, which in recent times has been investigated about sixty years ago. Zoologists have chosen for the expedition area located south of the capital Bujumbura in Burundi Forest Reserve Bururi Forest Reserve, where today home to many rare species of animals. Although herpetologists have found only one individual, they claim to have heard the mysterious singing frogs for a few nights.

Amphibious species Cardioglossa cyaneospila bluish-gray in color with black spots on its back and long reach no more than four inches. Male frogs differ unusually long middle fingers on the front and hind legs, from which came the name of the species.

The closest relatives of the newly found frogs live in the mountains of Cameroon in the distance and a half thousand miles away from the dense forests of Burundi. As suggested by the authors, this may indicate that earlier in forests of Burundi and Cameroon was a common ecosystem.

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