In China, fluffy Tyrannosaurus rex found


Scientists have recently discovered that tyrannosaurs in life may have been coated with a soft fluff. At least, that’s what looked like their close relatives who lived in the north-east of China a few million years ago.

Nearly complete skeletons of carnivorous dinosaurs Yutyrannus huali larger sizes were found a group of Chinese and Canadian paleontologists in the area Yixian in Liaoning Province. The skeletons belonged to one adult dinosaur and two young ladies who lived on Earth 125 million years ago, that is 60 million before the appearance of real tyrannosaurs.

At length the animals reached 9 meters and weighed about 1.4 tons. Their distinctive appearance - sharp teeth, pointy head shape and three-toed feet - were typical of the typical theropods, carnivorous dinosaurs that move on their hind legs.

The name of this dinosaur translated from Chinese and Latin as "beautiful feathered tyrant." In fact, scientists have found fossils of distinct imprints of small feathers. Rather, the purpose of such an unusual plumage was to insulation, although it is possible that the dinosaurs fluffy feathers provide additional masking or served as a way of attracting partners during the mating season.

It should be noted that the discovery of feathers in predatory dinosaurs of small size in recent years have become commonplace. But traces of feathers in large carnosaurs until scientists had never met, even here there was a discussion about whether the allosaurus and karnotavry once feathered or lost this characteristic property of one of the stages of its evolution. Dinosaur Yutyrannus was almost 40 times larger than the largest of the known feathered dinosaurs - Beipiaosaurus. Scientists suggest that its huge size did not allow him to fly, and his thin thread-like feathers are obviously not meant to fly.

This finding supports the theory that modern birds are the direct descendants of a small theropod, dressed in feathers, who settled on the trees in search of food or shelter, and later learned to plan and fly.

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