The real aliens are reasonable dinosaurs


The study, conducted by Professor Ronald Breslow at Columbia University, presents a new look at the possible existence of extraterrestrial life. According to the researcher, it is possible that other planets are living sentient beings with the appearance of tyrannosaurs, but with cunning and intelligence level of the people, and is better for us to avoid contact with them.

Ronald Breslow seeks to solve one of the major mysteries of life: why all the amino acids (protein components) that exist on Earth, as well as sugars and the genetic material DNA and RNA are, as a rule, only one orientation. There are only two possible orientations: left and right, reflecting each other, just as the human hand. This phenomenon is known in science as "chirality." For the origin of life, in the proteins necessary content of only one type of amino acids, either left or right. For the amino acids of all earthly creatures typical left orientation, exceptions are only some of the bacteria. But most of the sugars have the right attitude. How is it formed homochirality?

Professor Breslow explains that the so-called "seeds of life", that is, amino acids originate in interstellar space, somewhere on asteroids. Initially, there is an equal amount of both the left and right-handed amino acids. However, the effect of radiation stars leads to selective degradation of one of the two forms of amino acids. The stars, as noted by the researcher, emit polarized light, and the "survival" of the Left or the Right of amino acids depends mainly on the type of polarization. Then meteorites enriched aminkislotami fall on the planet, contributing to the emergence of "left" or "right" of life.

According to Breslow, about 4 billion years ago, fell to Earth unknown asteroid or meteorite and "defined standard" of life: the left amino acids. A new study shows the degree of importance of the space of amino acids for the successful development of life. In particular, it indicates that the life intergalactic space can be widely distributed, but in a different form. It is possible that a very distant unknown star has a different polarization, and it is inhabited creatures that are quite similar to humans in mind the characteristics of right and left-handed amino sugars.

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