In an isolated cave New Mexico have found antibiotic-resistant bacteria


Detection of bacteria that live at depths of Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico, could significantly help the research of drug-resistant bacteria.

The strain of bacteria previously unknown to scientists is naturally resistant to multiple types of antibiotics currently used by medical professionals to treat patients. This indicates that these types of bacteria, may contain a certain kind of natural antibiotics, which in turn can be used to combat infections untreatable.

Researchers at McMaster University and the University of Akron found bacteria in the depths of the cave, which all this time has been isolated from human contact. Specialists have found that none of these bacteria is not capable of causing disease in humans and has never before been exposed to antibiotics used in human beings. But what is interesting is that all bacteria are showing resistance to at least one antibiotic known, and some were as can withstand 14 different antibiotics.

I recently discovered the bacteria seem to have developed immunity from natural antibiotics that are in this isolated environment for several million years. Access to the cave Lechuguilla, which is located in a national park Karlovy Vara was open only to researchers since 1986. Location of the find is located at a depth of 489 meters and is surrounded on all sides by impermeable rocks, which implies that about 10,000 years water will it take to reach such depths. In this extreme environment, devoid of the effects of antibiotics of human production, living organisms have created protection, which struck the scientists.

"Our research clearly indicates that bacterial resistance to antibiotics is their natural quality. He may be more than a billion years, although we are trying to better understand the last 70 years" - says Gerry Wright, director of the Institute of analysis and research in the field of infectious diseases Michael J. DeGroot. "This discovery has important clinical significance as it assumes the existence of a much larger amounts of antibiotics in the environment is not detected but which can now be used for the treatment of incurable infection."

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