Mussels prompted as to create an eco-friendly adhesive


Researchers from the University of Oregon have developed a new type of environmentally friendly, harmless to health adhesive derived from natural sources. This invention will replace the existing glue emits carcinogenic substances. In addition to the undoubted benefit to the health of people, this adhesive can also affect the development of the soybean crop production around the world.

Since the early 1940’s in the binder for the production of wood products containing substances that cause cancer. Among them, - phenol-formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde polymers. These are used to make plywood, particle board (chipboard) and fiberboard (MDF).

The new adhesive that does not contain formaldehyde, can completely replace the harmful glue. Made from soybean protein, invented the glue is much cheaper counterparts and has better adhesive (bonding) capacity.

The idea was born to create a new glue after studying the ability of marine mussels cling to rocks and held them during surges (mussels use a special water-resistant protein as a very strong glue.)

After much research, this kind of protein was found in soy. Based on the soy protein adhesive eco-friendly, no harmful substances that cause cancer and are much cheaper to produce than its harmful counterparts. Interesting science and technology news only on pages of our portal.


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