Mystery of grand ocean creatures continues to excite scientists


A strange creature, supposedly filmed by underwater drillers in the deep ocean at the end of April this year, sparked an unprecedented intrigue and controversy on the Internet. Theories about the mysterious animal range from giant jellyfish to an unknown marine version of the Loch Ness monster with the placenta whale.

Neither the video source or the location where it was filmed, have not yet been made public, leading some people to suspect fraud. Others point out that the video seems genuine, and that the fake video, it would probably be much more dramatic and colorful. Zoom when shooting is unclear, and no further information about the shooting location, it is impossible to say exactly how big it is to create.

There is no doubt that there is a strange and mysterious creatures in the deep ocean - and even the creatures, which were adopted at the extraordinary. In one famous case, a Japanese fishing trawler off the coast of New Zealand in 1977, caught something that looked like a body of unknown sea monster.

It was like a dinosaur with a long neck and with something that might be fins. Photos creatures still appear in books about unexplained mysteries, although the animal was identified as a large dead shark, which is decomposed so that was no longer recognizable.

There are a few clues to the mystery being filmed. First, it should be noted that (contrary to some sensational news headlines), the object did not seem to form a "drop", instead of being composed of what appears to have been rather thin membrane. Being more like a satin sheet than a shapeless monster. This implies that the animal has no bones and little or not at all, muscle, no matter what kind of creature it is probably not a fierce and powerful monsters, and probably something quite fragile.

While being in the video appear to be much larger than 2 meters, it could be an unusually large copy - or it may simply mean that very few instances of creatures found so far were unusually small. No matter what it is - Deepstaria enigmatica, unknown monster or anything else - the animal is long gone, and will remain a mystery for a long time.


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