In Panama, have discovered a new species of frogs


German biologists have discovered in the west of Panama unusual new type of ink frog, which leaves the fingers yellow footprints. Details of the discovery were presented in a paper published in the scientific journal ZooKeys.

"We were able to determine that the frogs croaking males of this species in the mating period differs greatly from croaking amphibians and other species have suggested that we have really found a new look. Caught, finally, the first specimen we saw on our hands is a yellow solid generated by the animals. name of the new frog species - Diasporus citrinobapheus - associated with this feature and means "painted in yellow color", as transmitted in the message publisher Pensoft, which publishes the magazine.

The discovery made by the German scientist Andreas Hertz (Andreas Hertz) of the Research Institute Senckenberg in Germany during the course of long-term studies unexplored region of the central mountain range to the west of Panama. Frog painter is distinguished by its small size, which is less than 2 millimeters. It is also known that the amphibian belongs to the family of so-called rain of frogs, which are born from eggs at once in the form of small frogs and do not pass through a stage of "tadpole".

"While we have no evidence to suggest that the yellow substance poisonous frogs indicates that protects it from predators, since we have not detected any toxic substances in its composition. Perhaps staining does not bear any practical value. However, now this specific feature of the new frog species continues to be a mystery to us, "- concluded Hertz.

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