The famous turtle couple broke up after 115 years


After 115 years of cohabitation, the two turtles from the Zoo Reptilien Happ in Austria, can no longer sustain each other and now live in separate cages - according to an article in the Austrian Times.

The differences between the two turtles, Bibi and Poldi, began the end of their long-term relationships that were thought to be the longest known "marriage" in the animal world.

As the director of the zoo Helga Ann, reporters from the Austrian Times - "We clearly see that they can no longer withstand the kind of each other." Symptoms of the disorder was not hard to detect. Bibi, who looked tired from too much attention Poldi has receded and bit him on the sink in one day. Later, she attacked him again, forcing zoo staff puzzled move them into separate fences.

The good news - is that they do not decide to kill each other. We turtles do not have teeth, but they do have a mouth horn-rimmed glasses and extremely strong jaws. They could easily have "finished off" to each other if they wanted to. Zoo staff did not wait for that, and they have taken all possible measures.

Happ says, "They are both 115 years old - they were almost always close by since they were born and grew up at the same time, eventually becoming a couple. But not on what grounds can not say that their couple finally broke up, they just do not can stand the sight of each other. "

She and the rest of the zoo staff try their best to save their marriage. They offered a couple of turtles "consultation vets", "romantic dinners" and even tried to interest turtles "role-playing", but all their efforts so far have been in vain. Bibi seems to be enjoying his new life as the only zoo in the female turtle.

She and Poldi first met in Basel Zoo in Switzerland. They are then transported along the Austrian zoo in Klagenfurt, where they lived together for 36 years. Their usual life almost unchanged over the years.

Turtles have been known to live for 150 years or more, so there is still hope that the couple somehow reunite.

Happ says - "We have staff constantly communicating with the couple and try to involve both interact with each other, and we hope that they will find their harmony again. We were told that it is very rare that after so many years, animal which are the couple parted. And we hope that we can help these turtles in their marriage. "

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