The tails of peacocks emit ultrasound


Peacocks are famous not only for its dazzlingly beautiful tail, but very dissonant scream. Previously, scientists believed that this cry is the only means of communication at the peacocks, but Canadian researchers have found that for the communication of these birds there is another sound that the human ear is not available. Scientists from the University of Manitoba recorded the powerful infrasound that males emit a peacock with tail.

If you carefully observe the male peacock with tail expanded, we can see that sometimes the tail feathers begin to shake slightly. Shiver runs up from the base of the tail to the edges. In this case, the human ear can hear the slight rustle like the rustling of leaves. However, scientists have found that it’s not all that’s really going on at this moment. It turns out that people peacocks emit inaudible sound with a frequency below 20 Hz. This is the sound a male directs disclosed by the tail, which serves him as a kind of plate-transmitter.

The fact that some of the birds and animals emit infrasound signals, not a novelty. This ability to have, for example, coach. The uniqueness of peacocks in this regard is that they use infrasound to communicate. When scientists gave listen to the recorded infrasound signal group of peacocks, the males began to speak the famous cry, and females looked uneasily.

Zoologists point out that this is the only example of the use of birds of infrasound to communicate. What exactly peacocks inform each other in this way, scientists do not understand, but most of all, in the thick bushes so very convenient to warn others of the danger.

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