The plants are insects as postmen


Experts from the Institute of Ecology in the Netherlands found that there is a kind of insects postal service, where the mailbox role performs the soil, and the role of the postman - plants. Insects are left in the soil some chemical letters to warn others that the "trough" is already taken. These letters were delivered to the address the next generation of plants.

In nature, different species of insects are competing with each other for the same food: for example, the grubs feed on the roots of plants, and caterpillars of its leaves. But if they will do it at the same time, they will have to starve, because the plant will not be able to provide a meal once all the "freeloaders."

Previously, scientists have figured out how to terrestrial insects comes about that this feeder is busy, when people bite their underground roots of a plant, the leaves stand out through its specific volatile compounds that inform guests about the land that they have to look for another "dining room." In the new study, researchers found that these messages are passed from generation to generation. It turned out that the new generation of plants absorb trace fossils left by insects, and transmit the message of the new terrestrial insects.

Environmentalists have conducted an experiment in which the main actors are the larvae of beetles, caterpillars and butterflies Yakobeya Senecio vulgaris. First they grow plants or larvae or caterpillars with and then at the same place and cultivated new plant sits next to him again freeloaders. They found that the behavior of insects depend on who is to have lived and fed on this ground. It turns out that the previous tenants as if it secured a place at the stern and future generations. They transferred to plants through the soil substances that are invited to regale her and warned others, as if indicating that the food at all is not enough, this place is busy, so let yourself looking for another stern section.

According to the researchers, the main role in all of this "post" system belongs to the mushrooms. Depending on their neighbors species composition changed. Soil mushrooms are likely to affect the plant causing it to generate some signal substance. In the near future environmentalists are going to determine what kind of material and through which channels are transmitted these messages.

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