Both male fish are looking for the way to the heart of females?


Males of some fish found in South America, for luring females use a special "bait", "bait" which is very similar to an insect that fell into the water. The success of such a "love-hunt" depends on whether the male matched the taste preferences of their passions.

Males caught their second halves to the bait. The main course of these fish are insects that fall into the water. Depending on where the river, the composition of their diet changes, for example, water often start to be provided beetles, ants and other insects. With this feature, closely related fish korinopom mating ritual. Males in the gill area have long processes. It is at the end of the knob-like fallen into the water extraction. When the female comes to "hook", male spermatophores time to give her a seed.

It should be noted that the bait-knobs may look differently. In any of these females across better, and at any worse. Experts from the University of Uppsala decided to determine what determines the "fishing" success of males. Swedish scientists have suggested that the success of the hunt depends on the wedding menu females, that is, on whether mining in the area occurs more often. Scientists have identified several females who had never had seen ants and formed two groups. One of them was they were feeding ants, and another - that really did not look like ants.

Ten days later hoisted to the groups of females than males. Some males were taken from the population feeds mainly on ants and other male ants have been very rare dish. It was found that females fed on ants preferred the same males as they were, that is, those knobs that looked like ants. Thus, the males use these fish taste preferences of females korinopom in their courtship, while the female sex and food preferences are mixed. Scientists suggest that females can understand that taking part in the marriage game, but it’s a big psychological assumption is not confirmed by any experiments.

It should be noted that some of the other species are also looking for the way to the heart of females through their stomach. For example, male orchid bees abundantly "strangled" the smell of the favorite female flowers, and water mites, trying to win the heart of ladies mimic movements of the legs of crustaceans.

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