Biologists discover why dogs love to chew on the bones?


After analyzing the evolution of dogs, biologists have learned why dogs love to chew bones. It turns out that they are using so they inherited from their ancestors ’tools’ for hunting, which after the domestication of wild dogs lost their original value.

Biologists from Columbia University were pedigree dogs, which depicts the relationship between all existing species, which, by the way, now there are about three hundred. Joao Munoz, head of research, said that they compared the species having a different diet. They shared all the dogs in top predators, which are the final link in the food chain, just predators and omnivores, eating both meat and plant food. The ancestors of modern wolves were top predators whose diet consisted of 70% of the meat.

Researchers found that such distinctive features of a wolf skull as a huge fangs and powerful chewing muscles, there were 8 million years ago. In those days, in a diminished forest and open areas predominant ancestors of the dogs began to form a pack and hunt together as a big catch "dinner" on the plains could only hunt group.

After the transition to a new way of life in the skeleton animals have been some changes. It is clear that in animals with strong jaws and large teeth are much more likely to catch prey. They are, for example, is much easier to cling tightly to the running leg of the victim. Useful, necessary for the survival of the structural features of the descendants passed on a genetic level.

Over time, however, after the domestication of dogs they have eliminated the need for a permanent hunting. Dogs are no longer relate to the higher predators. Today’s pets consume a variety of foods, while those of their ancestors was predominantly meat diet. However, these structural features, like sharp teeth and powerful chewing muscles, the ancestral predators, dogs are kept and fun to use these "tools" to bite the bone.

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