Revealed the secret speed of a cheetah


Scientists were able to figure out why cheetahs can run almost twice as fast as greyhounds, and despite the fact that they, and other muscles have the same function, and running style is identical. To understand what is connected with the difference in the maximum running speed, which is capable of developing these animals, British researchers have made a four-legged sprint race at the track, equipped with special sensors, and they took him to a high-speed kameru.Okazalos that the acceleration in cheetahs increased frequency of steps, then the greyhounds like it is not changed. It turns out that most bystrobegayuschie beings on earth literally transfer switch that enables them to develop such a large skorost.Pri quiet running (about 31 km / h) cheetahs do in the second step, 2.4, and when they are accelerated to 61 km / h, the step frequency increases to 3.2 second. Greyhounds, which run in a similar way, regardless of their speed to make the second about 3.5 shaga.Krome, the researchers also found that at high speed cheetah running 70% of the weight is transferred to the rear legs, and the hounds only 62%. This could give the cheetah added advantage because the distribution of weight in this way prevents slippage during razgona.Uchenye note that greyhound during the experiment was able to accelerate faster than a cheetah - up to 64 km / h Alan Wilson, who led the research, explained that this is due to the fact that participating in the experiment, predators were born at the zoo and never themselves do not get food, so they have not learned to use the maximum given to them by nature sposobnosti.Rekordsmenom running speed among land creatures 2009 was a female cheetah Sarah, ran hundred meters in 6.13 seconds. This result is much better than the U. Bolt’s world record for the hundred-meter race - 9.58 seconds.

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