In Britain, found an unusual creature with 60 eyes


It has long been known that nature continues to be an open book for the man: scientists do not cease to discover previously unknown species of plants, birds and animals. To find the most unusual in the world of the living creature British biologists did not have to go down but the bottom of the ocean or travel to distant lands. Flatworm with 60 eyes, they found at his feet, according to the publication Daily Mail.

Strange invertebrate animal with an incredible number of eyes with a length of only 12 mm, it was found the head of Brian Evershamom, fund manager "Confidence in the wild" in the pasture, located near Cambridge. Usually unknown species of animals hiding in a rather exotic places, such as in New Zealand, the islands of the Caribbean, in Africa, in contrast to European countries, not densely populated.

Regarding the nature of the UK, the researchers considered it thoroughly investigated. Imagine their surprise when they found a 60-Eye being that while tacitly recognized the most unusual living creature on Earth, in Albion. Meanwhile, scientists have noted that in the UK the next "family" this invertebrate is not: it is not like those worms that live in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

According to biologist Hugh Jones, an expert in the field of invertebrate and his colleague Brian Ershvama, they actually managed to discover a previously unknown type of mysterious 60-eyed worm, which until then Jones had seen only once last spring in the Netherlands.

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