What is different from the human bird thinking?


Scientists believe that even the most highly birds are able to solve only a limited number of clear objectives, and for more feathered enough creativity.

Recently, researchers are finding more evidence that birds are not only understand the language of other birds, but some are able to plan their actions. For example, if in a jug with water floating feed, the birds will be there to throw various items until they can get food. And yet, according to the researchers kembirdzhskih thinking of birds is very different from human thinking.

That is the conclusion scientists came by repeating the experiment with water in a jar, but apart from birds attracted to participate in it, and children of all ages. The experiment itself is also a bit complicated. In one case, they use water in the jug, and the other jar was filled with sawdust. On the surface, the contents of the jug, whether it be water or sawdust lying token, in return for which the children could get a toy. The aim was to get to the medal. In another experiment, participants had to understand that it is better to throw in a jar of water - cork balls, not drowning in water or heavy stones.

The most difficult was the third version of the experiment. The children saw three vessels. One of them was a regular, and two - communicating. One of communicating vessels was impossible to throw, but it was a prize that children should get, throwing pebbles into another vessel. The whole difficulty was that the structure of pitchers was hidden, that is, children are not seen, which are connected to two pitchers - this they had to guess.

In all variants of the experiment the children were five attempts. As scientists expected, older children were more clever: eight-year study participants coped with all tasks on the first try. Younger children were making more attempts to get to the prize. In any case, the approach of children has always been distinguished from the bird. These same experiments were carried out with the participation of jays. The first two options with sawdust and water birds somehow overcome, but the third option for them was overwhelming.

In this case, according to the researchers, and is a fundamental difference between the human mind from the bird. If the mechanism is hidden from the birds, and they do not understand what the problem is, they back off. A human brain, on the contrary, continues to look for an answer, even if the visible picture counterintuitive. Because of this people are able to learn new information, even if this knowledge is contrary to everyday experience.

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