In Alaska, the mayor was elected cat


Fifteen tailless cat Stubbs became famous all over Alaska is not a record of longevity: it happens, cats and live longer. He is known all residents of the town of Talkeetna, which is home to eight people, because he has many years is their mayor. A dozen years ago, the citizens elected a tiny kitten named Stubbs, head of the city, and so far he is on the job.

15 years ago the owner of the local supermarket Lori Stack picked up on the street pitiful kitten, which did not have a tail. For this reason, he received the name Stabss (stubtail - short tail) and settled in the store. Cheerful and good-natured disposition kitten visitors liked the store, but after a few weeks of his love the city. Talkeetna residents have decided to choose their mayor and Stubbs unanimously voted for his candidacy.

The citizens are respected for their head of crystal honesty. He does not steal money from the Treasury without raising taxes, and does not prevent small businesses. Voters are willing to forgive his lack of diligence and age drowsiness. But anyone can go to the office of Mayor and pat his tummy. Even the local dogs over the years never barks no mayor, and show respect without contacting the mustached and tailless Stubbs.

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