Cats have discovered the secret life


Researchers from the University of Georgia noted that about a third of domestic cats consume every week for about two little animals, reports Daily Mail.

Throughout the experiment, 60 cats, scientists hitched camera to the collar, watching in secret every day of their lives. It was observed that 30% of them were eating their prey, and 49% a little tinkering with the victim, throwing her, and 21% attributed it home.

The victims of domestic predators in 41% of cases are amphibians (frogs, lizards, snakes), in 25% of cases this rodents, insects make up about 20%, and 12% - the birds. Environmentalists are convinced that they are guilty of reducing the bird population. "That cats are the culprits of the extinction of some species," - said George Fenwick, director of the American Committee for the Protection of birds.

The experiment showed that they differ bad behavior: 20% of studied hot spots in the form of stormwater runoff, 25% ate any muck and 45% ran across the road.

In addition, it was found that these animals live in the "two-family". One owner, the cat who participated in the study, showed a video where her pet scratching at the door to someone else, in which it comes, as a home.

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