In Belgium, found the remains of the ancient cockroach on Earth


International expedition, consisting of scientists from the USA, France, Sweden and Belgium, lucky. During excavations in the vicinity of the Belgian city of jet of paleontologists have found fossilized remains of a winged ancestor of modern cockroaches that lived about 370 million years ago. This discovery could overturn conventional notions about the time of the world winged insects and sdunut it for millions of years ago.

Found in Belgium imprint was the only instance of insects on the planet in the Devonian period (360-415 million years ago). Prior to this discovery, scientists have found only two small jaw fragment of ancient cockroaches, in which nothing is certain about the evolution of insects say it was impossible.

Belgian cockroach named Strudielladevonica, has a size of 8 mm. He had six legs, chest, jaw and a pair of triangular antennae, looking to the side. His abdomen is divided into nine segments. Although the prints of the wings of this insect have not left, the scientists suggest that these were the remains of ancient creatures striker, who could fly.

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