In Vietnam, the fish found with genitals on the head


A new species of fish with the head on the body of copulation has been identified in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, as reported Wednesday news agency AFP.

Phallostethus cuulong - a new member of the family Phallostethidae - small fish found in the waters of Southeast Asia, which is characterized by its rather unseemly appearance. Penis in male fish is not just anywhere but right on the head.

Reproductive organ Phallostethus cuulong, researchers called priapism (a term derived from the name of the ancient Greek and Roman god of fertility and harvest Priapus), is in his throat area for better fertilization of eggs inside the female, according to the information security officers of nature.

"We have identified a previously unknown in Vietnam science kind of fish with genitals on the head" - said Tran Dac Dihn (Tran Dac Dinh), a researcher at the University of Can Tho (Can Tho University) news agency AFP.

Vietnamese residents of the Mekong Delta, this fish has long been known, but only in the past year, she has been described by scientists as a species, he said in conclusion.

Fancy location genitals on the fish body is not the only discovery made by researchers in the underwater world of animals.

Previously edited reported that experts from the Ludwig-Maximilian University have found evidence of this theory that the animals can be guided by Earth’s magnetic field. In the nose, trout, they found a kind of magnetic navigation - the cells that sense the magnetic field.

Another discovery was made by researchers from New Zealand, they found that the underwater world is not so quiet as it seems, and it turns out, the fish are able to "talk" to each other. In sound communication they use a variety of sounds such as grunts, chirps and pops.

What surprises of underwater creatures and incredible facts about their lives, we still expect to be seen.

Original: Translation: M. Potter

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