The dog became an assistant teacher at the British School


The director of the school in the British city of Barnstaple has signed an order for a job as a teacher’s assistant dog breed Alaskan Malamute. This unusual pedagogical practices move is aimed at increasing student achievement and improving discipline in the school.

Leaders of the school, which caters to young children, decided to take on the staff of the institution polutorogodovaluyu dog named Vayona. Her responsibilities include daily presence in school lessons. Being in a class of dogs, according to the school psychologist, will help create a friendly environment. The school administration hopes that such a non-standard measure will lead to increased efficiency and student performance.

The first results of the new teacher’s assistant, and they showed a dramatic improvement in school attendance. The children began to burst in school and now miss classes only for good reasons. Teachers say that children raised self-esteem and self-confidence. Interestingly, this same state school teachers and adults that have marked the establishment of the school special atmosphere of trust. After working Winona dog lives with the trainer Tracy, who was preparing for her teaching career.

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