Whimsical fish lives on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean


Often a variety of terrestrial fauna is amazing. In life, there are unique animals that surprise with their appearance of people who saw them. One of the unique wildlife species is a fish called malorotnaya makropinna, living in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean. This stunning fish has a transparent head and tubular eyes unusual bright green color. A small 15 cm long fish lives in deep water, so it is difficult to detect and meeting her for the scientists is always extraordinary luck.

First evidence of this fish appeared in the late thirties of the last century, but a detailed study of this fish managed to spend only recently. The front part of her head is filled with a clear liquid, so the tubular green eyes are clearly visible. In the picture you can see this unique fish in its natural habitat.

If this unique fish has been known for a long time, then discovered this year a new type of owls are also amazed biologists to its unusual appearance. Found in the Philippines owl - blue-eyed. Ornithology at the University of Michigan found in the jungles of two new species of owls, and the representatives of one of them just amazed scientists with their appearance. The main distinguishing feature of the species, named kamiginskoy iglonogoy owl, are the beautiful blue-gray eyes. Moreover, this eye color never before met owls.

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