Cats, too, can be two-faced


The unusual color of the cat made a star of Venus internet. It can be called a "two-faced cat" because of its color of the muzzle is a clear distinction between a black and a red half. And her eyes are absolutely not similar to each other and have different colors. This is a distinctive feature of the animal caused by genetic changes - heterochronically.

Video of a cat chimera is very popular and it is viewed 200,000 people. YouTube star has got a personal page on Facebook, and there have already registered more than 20,000 of her friends. Hostess Venus bathed in a fleeting glory and keen to talk details of the life of the favorite. She vividly describes the ability of Venus and keen to talk about her interests and hobbies.

In the U.S. state of Massachusetts is another unique cat that is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest two-faced cat. It is home to 12-year-old cat named Frank Louis, and he is the oldest in the world with two faces. On the assurances of his mistress cat-record holder lived these years without disease and sorrow, despite the fact that his head is divided into two parts. This cat is truly unique for the reason that usually cats with two faces lives just a few weeks, but surrounded by the love and care of Frank Louis lived a happy life and became the champion on its duration.

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