The most innocuous cephalopods was a hell of a vampire


Scientists have found that Vampyroteuthis infernalis, that is a hell of a vampire - it is the only cephalopod that is not a predator. Forced to change its diet extreme deep-sea life.

The authors of the new work are summarized in its twenty years of research conducted by the California coast near Monterey Bay. The observations of the animals was performed using remotely operated submersibles.

Scientists have found that these infernal vampires are the predators do not like all the other cephalopods, and already detritus. The basis of their diet advocated "marine snow": the dead plankton, shellfish shells, excrement. Vampires to help him catch a special tentacle-filaments, and they have no other cephalopods. They resemble a fishing line, which stick pieces of deep-water detritus.

Changing the ancestors of hellish vampire diet was associated with their migration, apparently, in the deepest layers of the ocean. There are very difficult to get the predators that feed on mollusks, however, and by the cephalopod proved impossible to maintain the traditional supply point.

Hell of a vampire lives deep in the ocean at a depth of more than 600-900 m, in laboratory conditions, very quickly dies. As a result, information on the behavior and feeding it was still extremely low.

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