In Mexico, found fish with terrifying genitals


The male fish living in waters of the Gulf of Mexico, has a terrifying genitals. Sexual organ, the structure of which provides for four hooks, allows the male to capture and hold the struggling female during mating, according to researchers.

Kind of freshwater fish or llanos mosquitofish Gambusia quadruncus was described in the current issue of Journal of Fish Biology by a research team led by Bryan Langerhensa (Brian Langerhans) from the University of North Carolina. Langerhens explained that hooked genitals of males may have evolved in response to attempts to protect themselves from unwanted females mating.

"Usually, procreation is more significant for females, so they avoid mating with the" unworthy suitors, "whereas in male procreation - is an event which is to impregnate as many females" - said Langerhens in your message.

The structure of the female fish of this species is characterized by a large globular process that blocks the entrance to the reproductive organs.

This means that a female would choose a male to mate, if he has not developed such a frightening sexual organ, as explained Langerhens. Hooked genitals, likely to help overcome the resistance of female to male to pick up close to their genitals for the purpose of fertilization. (The fish genus of mosquito fish fertilization occurs in the body of the female, then it displays the live young).

This is a rather strange feature of the structure of fish, which scientists have never before encountered.

Another new species of fish (Phallostethus cuulong), which was recently discovered in Vietnam, surprised the researchers because the male sexual organ is located on the head and "has" feelers that help it hold, clutching the female during mating. The researchers, who described this type of fish in the July issue of the journal Zootaxa, also tend to argue that such an arrangement of the genitalia should fish for successful fertilization.

Meanwhile, Langerhens also noted another strange external characteristic that is common fish species llanos mosquitofish. Females in the anal area is a bright spot, which seems to point to the location of the penis, reproductive status and type. Indication of the type apparently helps reduce the occurrence of interbreeding and, as a result, produce hybrids, as noted in the conclusion Langerhens.

Original: Translation: M. Potter

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