Clinic for animals suffering from obesity in the United States opened


Obesity has long become one of the main problems of America. Over the past thirty years the number of people who are overweight has increased dramatically, and the health of an entire generation has suffered greatly. Therefore, in the U.S. state program to combat obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. However, there are not only people suffering from overweight and obesity.

In North America, there are many compassionate hostesses fed cats and dogs who are experiencing the same suffering from shortness of breath, pressure sores and extra pounds, like people. There are statistics which show that 62 percent of pets are experiencing serious problems with excess weight. For this reason, School of Veterinary Medicine named Cummins has opened a special clinic for obese animals Tafsa at the University of Massachusetts.

This hospital will be run by experienced veterinarians, doctors, nutritionists concerned with the issue of obesity animals. They will help develop such dietary regimes that will safely reduce weight, normalize the musculoskeletal system and improve overall health. Lead this clinic is one of America’s leading researchers in obesity professor DeboraLinder.

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