Crows can distinguish between cause and effect


Previously it was thought that only the human mind can determine the cause-and-effect relationship. Now there is evidence that in the animal world there are species that can think like humans. Biologists argue that the ability to separate the causes and consequences of the events have a New Caledonian crows. It turns out that they are not in vain are considered the most intelligent representatives of the animal kingdom on Earth.

This discovery has been done in the following experiment. In the aviary was a box of food and hiding near a person drives away the birds with a long stick. Ravens from one group saw a man came with a stick and began to chase them.

Birds from the other group was observed only very stick, threatening crows, but man it was invisible. After a few experiments of the first group of crows were able to establish a cause and effect relationship and showed excitement only when a man with a stick. Ravens in the other group all the time to show concern and kept looking. They could not touch the food, even when the experimenter was not around.

These results have allowed scientists to infer the presence of the crows human ability to find the relationship of cause and effect. In other animals such talents have not been found yet.

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