Speed ??cheetahs associated with features of their anatomy


On the ground, among the animals has no equal in the speed of movement of a cheetah. This wild cat can while hunting, chasing prey, accelerate to 115 km / h, and compete in the speed of a cheetah nobody can. At the same time faster than it can be developed only over short distances, so it is conventionally referred to as the best sprinter in animals. For a long time scientists have tried to solve this puzzle, and it looks like they succeeded.

Japanese zoologists have noted particular anatomical structure of the animal. They have long legs and an unusually flexible spine that allows you while running virtually lift your legs off the ground and at the same time keep your head up at the same height. While running cheetah is actively using its skeletal features, allow them to develop a phenomenal rate. In addition to this, during the running cheetah can dramatically increase the frequency hopping, without changing the length of the pitch and besides him do it no one else can.

While running, increase speed also contribute nevtyazhnye claws of cats, which are functionally act as spikes, as in sports shoes at athletes. It is thanks to these features, elegant and graceful wildcats running faster than all land animals on Earth.

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